Services _


We provide a number of services to allow you to interact with your home the way YOU want too. We are all about keeping it simple. Well integrated modern technology gives you the @ home experience you are looking for. We're not happy until you are. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation today!

New Build Pre-Wires _

Planning on building a new home? Let us provide you with a complimentary consultation to make sure you will be able to interact with your home the way YOU want too.

Built Home Retro Fitting _

Doing a renovation or just needing some new wires throughout your house? Let us drop by to see what we can do.

I.P. Networks & WiFi _

Everything tech relies on a strong and robust network backbone. Let us design a network that is reliable, and strong enough to withstand today's heavy data demand.

Audio/Video _

We work with a number of vendors to be able to provide you with seamless audio and video distribution throughout your home.

Home Automation _

Keeping it simple is our approach. Let us develop a system that is not over complicated and work well with how you want to interact with your home.

Programming & Calibrations _

Our expert team of technicians allows us to be able to work with a variety of manufacturers and gives us the opportunity to work on already installed systems. Let us dial them in for you. 


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